"I sought help from her when I was facing what seemed to be insurmountable challenges in my relationships & career… Suzanne’s peaceful, empathic compassion and authenticity immediately made me feel accepted and hopeful when I most needed it. She gently guided me to an immediate, clear understanding of the truth of who I am and gave me simple, lovely tools to help me stay in the flow and remember the Oneness of it all. I left after just one hour a completely different person with clarity and a depth of connection I had not known before…"

~Kathleen Phoenix, AZ
"Suzanne was able to see me whole even in those moments when I could not see me anymore. I knew that I was safe and I that I had the space and time to experience all of the emotions. I trust her completely and was able to follow my path even during those times when all I saw was enough light for the next step. "

~Karin Phoenix, AZ

There is an invisible, eternal, Spirit which is all knowing, creative, the one Spirit of all life. This Spirit is called many names: God, the Great Spirit, Buddha, Allah, Universal Intelligence, Source Energy, Love, etc.

Spirit lives with in us as love, joy, peace, power, freedom, creativity, wisdom, harmony, abundance and wholeness. These are the MORE we desire, the yearnings to experience & express, the spiritual qualities to be revealed, uniquely with in us, according to our God-given gift of our creative power: free-will-choice. This Gift is given and received through our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions, also known as our “consciousness.” How we use this Gift is what creates our individuality and the life we experience.

Feeling trapped, lost, unhappy or unfulfilled?
  • Limiting views of ourselves, others and God, can cloud our natural spiritual vision. (Think of smudged sunglasses!)
  • This clouded view is creating our experiences and will continue to do so if left unexamined and unconscious.
  • This clouded view creates experiences of frustration, dissatisfaction, physical illness and emotional pains of regret, grief, anger, hopelessness and boredom.

It’s all about our beliefs and actions. Beliefs create our experiences, (it is done to you as you believe) so it is vital to examine our beliefs and activate our creative power to make new choices from conscious and empowered beliefs & inspired actions! (This is the cleaning of the metaphoric sunglasses!)

It is so easy to forget who we are when we are wrapped up in life conditions. These conditions provide the opportunities to discover and experience the unique and powerfully creative spirit that we are.

What is a Spiritual Practitioner Session?
  • A sacred space where inquiry is utilized to uncover the mental causes creating the conditions you want changed and it’s the fertile ground of creation for your custom designed life of fulfillment
  • The revealing of your Divinity and the cultivation of faith in the limitless, eternal, unchanging Source
  • A release of false identities, resentments and habits that strangle your inner spirit

It is not psychology, psychiatry, or behavioral therapy or counseling, etc. it is a modality of its own which happens to work in conjunction with, yet not required, the modalities aforementioned

Affiliation with a specific religion or spiritual study is not required; all that is required is the genuine desire for fulfilled living and to cultivate the faith you already have.

What can I expect? Details please!!!
  • Spirit in Design is the alchemy of inquiry, education, support, love, empowerment, insight and inspiration.
  • It’s the cultivation and deepening of faith in the Spirit of life.
  • Each session includes a centering blessing, a period of inquiry and exploration, and then the closing of session with an affirmative prayer anchoring the desire in consciousness. Homework may be suggested at the end of each session.
RESULTS include, but not limited to...
  • Immediate shift in mental thought, insight, clarity & guidance
  • Greater hope, joy, peace & well-being
  • Universal love, connection to life & deeper faith
  • Lightness in the body & mind
  • Manifestation of desires & synchronic opportunities
  • Demonstrations of physical and/or emotional healing

Each session is 50 minutes long and can be experienced in person or by telephone. Sessions are scheduled weekly, monthly or as needed. Single sessions can promote profound results while 2-4 sessions/month provide fertile ground for consistent, fulfilling and lasting change and shifts in consciousness. The cost of each session is $100 and payment plans are available for multiple sessions of 3 or more per month. Phone session require pre-payment and in person session require payment the day of the session.