"She [Suzanne] is a constant reminder for me that all the answers I need are inside me. She is wonderful at helping to facilitate that process of discovery and reminding me of my true nature and God-Like qualities inside. Speaking from someone who has periodically been to professional counseling off and on throughout the years, the practice that Suzanne has created has been significantly more helpful than any other counseling I have had."

~Tiffany Scottsdale, AZ

Suzanne Musa is a licensed spiritual practitioner, since 2007. Also known as a Religious Science certified Practitioner (RScP) this license to practice as a professional practitioner is granted by the Centers for Spiritual Living by successfully completing the 4 year study of Religious Science/ Science of Mind philosophy and spiritual counseling training and certification program. Religious Science licensed professional practitioners are governed by the Practitioner code of training, ethical standards, professional practices & licensing requirements.

Suzanne has a passion for spiritual teaching and empowerment programs and has trained in Rev Karen Russo’s The Money Keys, facilitating tele-courses, private coaching and retreat support. She is also a certified Calling in “the One” Coach, by Katherine Woodward Thomas. Suzanne offers courses and retreats on love and partnership at spiritual centers around the Phoenix Valley. She also teaches Religious Science/Science of Mind courses at New Vision Center for Spiritual Living, in Phoenix, AZ.

She also has a special talent in designing and facilitating sacred ceremonies such as, memorial services, life partnering unions, pet & animal blessings, celebration of life cycles & completions. Suzanne pulls from all areas of her training from interior design, feng shui and conscious, spiritual intention manifestation to create the sacred ceremony custom designed for you.

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Suzanne grew up in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and in 1991 she received her BS from University of Nevada, Reno in interior design. Her interior design career began while still in college, working for a residential design firm in Lake Tahoe for 3 ½ years. In 1995 she left the firm to open her own company with her business partner; they started as a home based business and grew that business into a premier design firm located in the center of town.

In 2002 Suzanne experienced the tragic death of her beloved boyfriend which dramatically changed her life. This experience was the portal that brought spirituality into the forefront of her life. She moved to Scottsdale, AZ to begin anew. She added the spiritual element of Feng Shui to her interior design, becoming certified through Denise Linn’s Interior Alignment program. That same year she stumbled upon a spiritual center of Religious Science, also known as Science of Mind. She quickly submerged herself in taking classes to learn more of the teaching and eventually completed the Religious Science certified Practitioner training program.

Currently Suzanne resides in Mesa, AZ with the current love of her life, Honey-Dog and is actively “Calling in” her beloved husband. Her favorite things are: spending quality time with her dog, family and friends in addition to spending time in nature, flowers, hiking, reading, appreciating beauty & design, laughing, daily spiritual practice and serving her local and global spiritual community.