"I appreciate your skill of deep listening and intuition communicated with loving wisdom. You quickly helped me to see the steps…"

~Joy Denver, CO
spiritual qualities


I am so happy you are here!

I wonder if what brought you to this website is the desire for change. Change does not have to be dramatic like a new job, lover or move to another state. Change can simply be “I am tired of being pushed by the pain in my life and I want not only relief, but I want MORE out of my life!!!”

  • MORE out of your life can look like greater quantitative measures of success as in money, great stuff and vibrant health, etc.
  • MORE out of your life can feel like inspired living where joy, peace, love and freedom are experienced in greater degrees and frequency.
  • MORE out of your life can sound like “I want some of that faith, strength, and peace that he/she has.”
  • MORE out of your life can include any and/or all of the above and….you guessed it… MORE! It’s up to you and your power of free-will-choice!

Using the spiritual principles of the Science of Mind, we activate the MORE that is yearning with in you. Guess what? Life is supporting and providing for you limitless opportunities and resources which just happen to be ready and waiting for you in the exact moment you are ready! I bet you are ready for MORE to reveal in your life. I am ready and available to support you in the change you desire, creating a more fulfilling life from the inside out!

VISION STATEMENT: To continually increase the awareness of the creative power & loving presence of Spirit with in everyone and as everything.

MISSION STATEMENT: Spirit in Design recognizes and reveals spiritual wholeness & creative power with in each person served through private sessions, teaching classes, facilitating retreats, serving & supporting the spiritual community and utilizing affirmative prayer for all.